Independence Day ★★★½

The reason this has withstood the test of time is that it has a great screenplay with real moments of humor, perfect casting, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously (I fully realized that when it hit me how over-the-top ridiculous it is when Vivica Fox’s dog jumps out of the way just before the tunnel is decimated).  
         One of the major flaws is the film’s length. 2 and a half hours is a bit much.  It easily could’ve been an hour and 45.  
         Bill Pullman’s delivery of the Patton-esque rally speech is still phenomenal.  
         Hirsch and Goldblum’s father-son energy is so great.  
         Also, is there anything more recognizable than Robert Loggia’s voice? 
        The effects are dated, but were great for the time, and are more than made up for by the strength of the storytelling.

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