The Wolf of Snow Hollow

The Wolf of Snow Hollow ★★★★

The Wolf of Snow Hollow is a werewolf dramedy from Jim Cummings, the star, writer, director, probably brought in muffins for craft services too, for all I know. Let's just say, he like to be involved.

A small, snowy, secluded town in Utah is being terrorized by what looks to be a werewolf. The local sheriff's department is stressed out, especially Deputy John Marshall, played by Cummings. He sort of revives his on-the-edge character from Thunder Road. Marshall has problems with both alcohol and dealing with life in general. Throw in a series of random werewolf attacks and a man is bound to get worked up. I know I would.

This movie has an odd sense of humor, but it is in there. Maybe not everyone will appreciate it, and that it often quickly gets dark. I mean really dark. I don't mean the lighting (I wonder if Cummings did that too?), I'm talking about the horrific lengths this werewolf goes to. It gets nasty.

It is very entertaining and I had a great time with it. It's sort of a fusion of An American Werewolf in London and The Silence of the Lambs, for the last bit, anyway. Werewolf fans will enjoy the tense atmosphere and snowy setting. There's plenty of angst for all to enjoy. It's a bloody good time.

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