Constantly chasing that “higher than 3.5 stars on Letterboxd” film. 

It doesn’t need to be “good”, it just needs to be interesting.

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  • Columbus



    I definitely appreciated this more upon this second watch, but I still couldn’t help but feel it lacking *something*. But the cinematography is absolutely stunning and I love how it works so beautifully with the editing to make the dialogue...dance? Flow? Both? 

    I love a quiet, slow film, but I think this one left me wanting more emotion. I wanted Jin and Casey’s relationship to be a bit more balanced, like the buildings she is so enamored with. Or if…

  • Shoplifters


    What a beautiful, tender movie absolutely chock full of humanity. So many small moments of love between this chosen family. Feels like a privilege to behold.

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  • Ready Player One

    Ready Player One

    When Olivia Cooke implied that she was ugly because she has a birth mark my eyes rolled so hard that I now can only see out the back of my head

  • High-Rise


    1 star for killer production design
    Negative 4 stars for a movie that was was clearly made by an amateur film bro who thought he was making a subversive film about class but ended up making a movie that makes no sense whatsoever and has absolutely nothing new or interesting to say about class.