Ready Player One ★★★

Based on the trailer for Ready Player One, it looked like a hot mess and I wasn't really excited to see it at all. Then it had an extremely positive response at SXWX. That helped build up enough excitement for me (other than it being a Spielberg movie) to go see it.

I must say, I'm still kind of mixed on this movie. Was I entertained? Absolutely! Was I impressed like I quite often am for a Spielberg movie? Not so much. I always expect ***great*** things from Spielberg.

I'm definitely telling people to go out and see this movie. I had a good time while watching this movie. I enjoyed the various 80's pop culture references (The Shining sequence especially). I think perhaps my expectations were too high when I walked in to see it.

While watching the movie I couldn't help but think how much my 12 year old nephew would love this! He's a gamer and would love the video game feel and sequences in the movie.

So yeah, go see it! Have some fun! I know I'd much rather see Ready Player One again than The Post!

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