Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★½

I might have loved a 100 minute cut of this.

I've often felt Tarantino to be overrated, but he's also able to make magic appear on the screen. This film sums up my opinion of him well: middling but with moments of brilliance. But it is pretentious and meandering. There's a lack of focus or plot threads that is hard to take at first.

I can't believe how bored I was in parts of this, and then how mesmerised I was by other moments. DiCaprio and Pitt own the film and its hard to pick one of them as a favourite. Everyone else puts in strong performances but their parts are often so fleeting that I feel under served. Margot Robbie definitely deserved more.

My favourite parts were when the characters were just doing their thing: Rick making his movie or Cliff stumbling upon the Manson family at the old film studio. When characters were interacting with each other the dialogue definitely didn't sizzle the way I expected.

The absurdist ending is a real left turn and while it's enthralling and somewhat hilarious, I can't help but think it disrespectful to what really happened. But I think Tarantino always has had zero regard for respecting others.

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