Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★★½

Snyder is steak and lobster rolls for drooling regressive buffoons. I'm content with my original review which slapped a paltry two stars down but it was a reasonable assumption this would go swimmingly on a reappraisal as his films are dense and full of magnetic imagery. Negative and positive critiques from users on here have been excellent/thoughtful, its admirable how his work illicits such passion in dizzying directions.

I often ponder how I'd rather be a stinking wizard bearded homeless man baking on a beach handling out John 3:16 pamphlets from a bicycle basket, a figure society sees as below any source of reedemption than continue to work for a stream of money. There is no "do what you love" because as soon as a passion is reduced to a number it hardens and dies off. Post 2020 I've reached my final form, Peter Gibbons from Office Space. As the best filmmaker that emerged in the new millennium Snyder had this to shriek from his 3D Dorito branded megaphone, Death Over Wage Slavery.

Why was Chambers not rescued, was that just a poorly staged accident or did her mates just temporarily disconnect from the server? Half star reduced for that misfire. Like all the best films this and last decade, it resembles elegantly captured 7th gen glorious shit water, long live the Left 4 Dead survivors Francis (Bautista), Louis (Vanderohe), Zoey (Maria) and Bill (Coyote with a beard).

How perfect is Scott Ward, his chemistry with Maria are the strongest characters moments, his crouching back body dropping and Batista bombing stiffs through blackjack tables is his most vital work since the Evolution Animal days with HHH, the Nature Boy and Randy Orton. In closing capital is a farce and Hollywood can stop casting the Rock now because he sucks ass.

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