Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★★

I like that this is less about whodunnit and more about WHOdunnit.
It's a predictable movie, but it seems almost designed that way. There's a lot of little twists and turns the film takes like a letter having invisible ink proving an affair or a character trying hopelessly to destroy evidence. While these things may be predictable or even plot devicey, it oddly didnt bother me much. I think that's because the movie has such an infectious personality. It's shot super well, the music is wonderful, and the cast has so much charisma. But the crowning achievement is the characters and the snappy dialogue they are given. All the characters have distinct personalities and motivations. Watching the characters interact is easily the most entertaining part. You got the pseudo woke, skin car guru Joni. The super loud right wing dad, Richard. A thoroughly douchey, uppity prick, Ransom etc. The characters really are the shining aspect of the film and i enjoyed watching this surface level family slowly turn on themselves revealing how horrible they really are. They are all nice, but not really. They are all self made, but not really. The only truly good person is our main character and it's satisfying to watch her traverse this families mine field. You may not like the slightly lofty approach it takes but it works way better here then in Star Wars.