Of Gods and the Undead ★★★½


1910 Brazil: global finance manipulates chocolate prices, destroying the lives of plantation owners and triggering range wars that destroy the lives of peons. Two of those are uber-traumatized; the guy externalizes his trauma and becomes a Demon Of Vengeance (tm) and the woman internalizes it and turns into a nihilist Kali-Yuga Womb Of Death (patent pending.)

"It's all inside here. There's nothing out there. Only the sky, the woods, dead people and some people I saw. It's all inside here. Spinning and walking. Screaming. One day I'll give birth to all this. One day all this chaos will come out. I'll give birth to poisons and leprosy, speeches that gnaw rust, bone and wood. I'll give birth to big knives, hot bullets and gunpowder. I'll give birth to a snake as big as me. And I'll put out blood. And more blood. Always blood. Endless blood. Until blood is everything and everything is blood. Until the sun sleeps. Until the moon sleeps. Until the forest sleeps. Until the men sleep. Until time sleeps. I'll give birth, I'll give birth, until everything's rotten. Until everything's poison. Until everything kills everything. Until dirt becomes dirtier. Until it kills life. "

It's a novel by Romulo Gallegos (the Dona Barbara guy...) adapted for the screen by Antonin Artaud. The end.

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