So This Is New York

So This Is New York ★★★

With its sarcastic narrative voice, and the ingeniously-deployed tricks it plays with film grammar for comic effect, some of this was genuinely funny; it runs out of steam somewhat after a certain point, but it continued coasting along at high speed long enough that it was only very near the end that I realized they'd been spinning their wheels for a good long time. [/mixed metaphor] Not many comic filmmakers were so sure of themselves that they'd craft a running gag finding the ridiculousness in 1920s haute couture and leave it constantly in the background without calling attention to it.

But you'll have to be tolerant of the pungent misogyny: HE is always right, and SHE-1 and SHE-2 are always wrong, because HE understands how the world operates and THEY aren't equipped to.

Did (Team) Richard Fleischer invent the gif? Look at the way they edit the film to make the image stutter, twice in the first four minutes...

ALSO: Starts and ends in South Bend, IND... just like somebody's political career.

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