• Scream 4

    Scream 4


    I felt confident with my rankings for the Scream trilogy, but I wanted to give this another whirl, to see if my positive thoughts went up, remain the same, or went down.

    It fucking went UP!

    Scream 4 actually aged perfectly like fine wine. Copying the original, ala remake-style, just for fame and attention? During the early stages of social media?! Whoo boy, we're a decade in after 4's release date, and this still applies to a tee.

  • The Kingdom of the Fairies

    The Kingdom of the Fairies


    Georges Méliès' imaginative mind was unmatched! The sweeping music, the arresting visuals, and the vivid costumes/sets, incredible stuff.

  • A Trip to the Moon

    A Trip to the Moon


    Influential cinema for a good reason. The outstanding special/practical effects, along with the strong set design, were truly a sight to behold for 1902.

  • Hanging on to Love

    Hanging on to Love

    The feeling of a worse YouTube video, or short film.

    Hanging On To Digital Zoom-ins/Cuts And Cheap Slo-Mo, To Love is an embarrassing rom-com to witness. 65 minutes of cringey acting, sub-standard writing, and amaterurish directing/editing. The extra ten minutes are just filler of bloopers, to fill out the runtime. Fuck this.

  • The House

    The House


    Among three storylines, The House features beautiful stop-motion atmosphere, strong voice acting, a sense of dread, laughs, and even....an optimistic conclusion?

    The first story is easily my favourite. It's about a struggling family who moves into a fancier house, for free and from the father making a lucky deal. As expected, things turn dark really quickly, and it's extremely effective.

    The second story is not as creepy, but still bizarre, gross, and even darkly humourous at times. A contractor fixes…

  • The King's Daughter

    The King's Daughter


    This was shot eight years ago. I could stop my review right there.

    In all seriousness, The King's Daughter already feels blandly dated, and past its time, due to the previous unreleased nature. It certainly didn't help that the VFX for the mermaid is really shoddy in the third act.

    The cast is fine enough, along with the production design, at least.

  • The Runner

    The Runner


    Totally unfamiliar with Boy Harsher's music, but knowing and hearing that they're an electronic duo, and that they're pretty darn good, The Runner visually and aurally shines with its retro style. Not feature length, as it runs for 38 minutes, but fuck it, lol.

  • Hanna



    Stylishly directed at times, Hanna is an enjoyable actioner, with a standout Saoirse Ronan believably portraying a teen fighter. The story's interestingly passable, albeit straightforward, as there's a funny and sweet subplot where Hanna bonds with a traveling family, but The Chemical Brothers' score fucking rules to the extreme, my GOD!

    It has the perfect blend of electro, synth pop, with an ounce of good indie vibes. The action is fun, with a solid oner with Bana's character, and man, Ronan really shines with her fight sequences.

  • The Lost Treasure

    The Lost Treasure

    What a shitshow. I know, I try not to be harsh, as movies aren't easy to make (I've been there) and some filmmakers try their damndest to put out a good project.

    The Lost Treasure isn't that. At all.

    Not only did Stella Tinucci craft an amateurish adventure movie, but she also terribly acts in said movie as well. The other actors aren't any better, the audio mixing gets choppy at times, the villains are dumbasses to the core (writing's…

  • Cyrano



    As an adaptation, Joe Wright's Cyrano is decent enough, but has its issues.

    Peter Dinklage is fucking excellent as Cyrano. Sharp wit, clever swordplay, and beautiful wordplay escape from his performance. Haley Bennett is pleasant to watch, from her beauty and performance as well. The songs are not memorable, nor strong, but adequate, aside from Wherever I Fall.

    Technically, it's well-executed. Lovely production/costume design, and the cinematography impresses.

  • Memoria



    Kudos to the sound editors, sound mixers, and sound designers! Their work for Memoria is impeccable, transporting us for a mystifying, dreamy journey. Stay for the credits, extremely soothing with the sound effects!

    Swinton is always exceptional, cinematography's lively, the direction is pretty static for the entire runtime, but some moments felt a bit sluggish and a bit pretentious. For the long shots, I was either engaged, or disinterested. Overall, Memoria is an unconventional experience that may or may not hit with me more, but for now, it's good.

  • The Curse of La Patasola

    The Curse of La Patasola

    I'll say this much....never heard about Patasola or a movie about it. Two cool, yet standard filmmaking techniques aside, this movie features terrible writing and uninteresting characters, aside from one character.

    The first half is practically a shitty indie drama with characters bonding and arguing about their issues, while the second half drops into bland horror.