Leonora Anne Mint

Leonora Anne Mint


pacific northwest queer lady obsessed with movies.
traded my rose-colored shades for a wide lens.
black lives matter.

Favorite films

  • Harold and Maude
  • Uncle Yanco
  • The Red Shoes
  • Sunday In the Park With George

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  • Into the Woods


  • Lilies of the Field

  • Man of Tai Chi

  • The Worst Person in the World

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  • The Matrix Resurrections

    The Matrix Resurrections


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Of course it was basically a religious experience to watch this. Lana goes out on a limb & comes back with something dense, shaggy, ambitious, colorful, personal, insightful, and just out-there enough. I didn't pick up on everything, but on the first watch of a Wachowski movie, missing things is exhilarating because it portends a satisfying and fascinating rewatch. I've rewatched so many of the sisters' movies this year, and they all prove so rewarding to come back to, seeing all…

  • Cluny Brown

    Cluny Brown


    Everyone deserves someone who'll tell them that pursuing their passions makes them more desirable, not less.

Recent reviews

  • Sergeant Rutledge

    Sergeant Rutledge


    My mom recommended this to me, which piqued my curiosity as it wasn't at all on my radar before. A pretty progressive film for its time, and still with some surprises up its sleeve, though it's undeniably held back a bit by the pacing of the framing device and the way it shifts emphasis to the white characters, especially at the conclusion.

    The biggest draw here is Woody Strode's lead performance, conflicted and compelling, and the central intent of illuminating…

  • Catch Me If You Can

    Catch Me If You Can


    This feels like just a very smooth, straightforward, entertaining film from Spielberg in comfortably well-oiled Dad Movie Mode, but imagine my surprise when a cursory internet search after this viewing revealed that the supposedly true story this film tells is still actively in the process of being debunked! Frank Abagnale Jr. isn't the genius con artist he made himself out to be, but the fact that he got the world to believe it all does actually make him a genius…

Popular reviews

  • Coming Out

    Coming Out


    Was not expecting the official Godzilla Twitter account to post a 2-minute short film about stop-motion Godzilla accepting his trans daughter on the last day of Pride Month, but here we are. Godzilla said trans rights!! And I'm crying.

  • The Runaways

    The Runaways


    Does this movie linger somewhat perv-ily on the underage sexuality of its main characters? Probably so. Does it tone down and play for humor the influence of a man who in real life was a rapist and abuser? Definitely. Does it indulge in a host of tiresome biopic cliches? OH LORD does it ever.

    Did I enjoy it in spite of myself & all that bullshit because I'm super fucking gay and the Main Couple in this movie is Kristen Stewart at Peak Gayness and Dakota Fanning giving an Actually Good Performance? ...I think we all already know the answer to that question.