The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It ★★★

Not a bad movie by itself but definitely much more hokey and less impressive than the first two. I appreciate sequels that try to go in a different direction than their predecessors, and this certainly has its surreal and exciting moments, but mostly the storyline feels a little thin, tepid, obvious. It's cool to see the Warrens immediately getting involved in the story instead of barely featuring in the first act...but they mostly stand around and go "there must be a way to figure this out!" which is not the most exciting thing?

I wonder if the vague but pervasive tiredness expressed by the Warrens in this one somehow indicates the tiredness of the series as a whole. Lorraine's hairstyles are more accurate to her real life counterpart in a sorta distressing way, and so much of the movie is about Ed's heart condition. They seem exhausted to be taking on this villain who of course is a random lady with zero tangible motive or personality!

Thankfully, their love still shines through, and that sweet music comes in just in time to remind me how much I love them being in love. Their undeniably tender romance is the one constant in this oddly uneven movie, which otherwise careens from genuine tension to youth group PSA-style material.

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