Those Who Are Fine ★★★★½

With a special mention at Locarno as best first feature (Cyril Schäublin), Those Who Are Fine is about Alice, a telemarketing attendant who tricks elderly people by pretending to be their granddaughter in need of money. It follows a pragmatic and burocratic day to day life, which is demonstrated in a cinematography focused on space. There are plenty of beautiful images of small individuals lost in these places, in their enviroments and the way they exist and transit it; they can be seen as part of it. And what is demonstrated on each frame ressonates in the dialogues about mobile bills and internet quality, forgotten movies and account numbers.
The slow pace of these 71 minutes flow in a very pleasant way by allowing very well planned long takes as mentioned before. There is a dynamic in this thoughtful network of functional images.
Those Who Are Fine is maybe one of the most contemporary movies I've seen in a while, from it's ambients to it's narrative themes, and this pleases me a lot.