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I just love to rewatch films I didn't like that much at first to be completely baffled by them two or three years later. It shows just how much knowledge I've gained in the past years. It's just so satisfying to see a film again and to understand it better than you did before and Lost in Translation is a beautiful example in that regard.

Where I first saw the film as an incredibly slow moving film that just didn't seem to go anywhere, I know saw it for what it actually was, something my 18 year old mind couldn't fully comprehend yet, and that was a beautiful study of modern loneliness. I could finally lose myself in the vacant stares Bill Murray gives throughout this film and his misadventures with Scarlett Johansson's Charlotte aren't just random, pensive moments where they try to escape that hurtful loneliness. They are careful, poetic explorations on this ever-present theme in art. Coppola's way of utilizing music and location to enhance this experience is downright brilliant in its nuance. Even the humanistic outbursts of Murray's Bob Harris are very well played and reminded me of my own escape for laughter when feeling insecure, lonely or just "not so well in this ridiculous, 21st century world".

Lost in Translation's approach in showing these feelings might seem slightly outdated by now in the years since the rise of technology has furthered even more, but you can not deny that it is ultimately true in what it presents and represents.

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