Private Life

Private Life ★★★★

Unexpected serendipity and out-of-the-blue emotions at the LePage household. Watched this with my parents on my birthday having no idea what it was about. First shot - Paul Giamatti giving Kathryn Hahn an IVF injection. My mom laughed and my dad sighed. "Oh, infertility."

My parents are pretty close-to-the-vest about most things, and even though I always wondered why my only other sibling is eight years older than me I never felt it was polite to ask why. But thanks to this movie, they told me.

Post-credits conversation reveals: In order to get me past the reproductive line of scrimmage, my mom and dad both had surgeries, my mom would make the three hour round trip drive to Portland, Maine once a week after work to meet with their new doctor (after their local doctor told her there was no chance at a non-donor pregnancy), they tried every treatment available short of getting an egg or sperm donor (she took those same Kathryn Hahn IVF shots almost every night), and they did all this for seven years, draining all their savings and making my dad take up three more jobs. But then, finally, after a medical insemination almost identical to the "Do you like prog rock?" scene from this movie, I came along.

What a great birthday movie. Thanks Tamara, you helped me learn a lot about myself.

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