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  • Chan Is Missing

    Chan Is Missing


    I can go on for days on how it captures the authentic reality of Chinese Americans, because this is exactly how it was/is for myself, my parents and relatives. I noticed that the reviews here notice the big details, like its impact to the American indie scene or the allusions to movies like Charlie Chan and Hitchcock's Vertigo. However, it's the small details that do it for me, like Jo getting tangerines from Chan's wife for his troubles while grandma's…

  • G-Saviour



    A lesser member of the "So Bad It's Good" club, not just for being direct-to-video cheese, but for also being nothing like its source material. Let me elaborate: I had the feeling that it was going to be its own original film, but the production team got money from Sunrise under the condition that bits of Gundam should be glued on there. The result is a jarring mishmash between a bizarre "political intrigue in space" story and underwhelming mobile suit…