12 Angry Men

12 Angry Men ★★★★★

tag yourself, 12 Angry Men edition:

1. MR BRIGHT IDEAS: good looking and definitely knows it, wears glasses just for show, probably thinks his looks are too much for the ladiez and the glasses will give them room to breathe, practically invented cereal, likes to put his dick in your face with his leg up on the chair

2. MR I CAN CHANGE THE WORLD: always goin against the crowd, only listens to synthpop and michael jackson, hates chocolate, probably allergic to some type of milk, clicks his heels when he gets good news

3. MR PINEAPPLE ON PIZZA: always fucking yelling, has nightmares about the statue of liberty falling over, hasn't talked to his son in 2 years, definitely wouldn't watch 12 Angry Men if it came to a cinema near him, would probably call it "propaganda" with no explanation

4. 1957 BOB BALABAN: calls his mum by her first name, head the size of a bowling ball, never gets invited to things, secretly amazing at gambling, don't get him drunk

5. THE FOREMAN: wears short sleeves when everyone else wears long sleeves, scared of spiders, bad at making new friends, always wears his socks inside out, bad with kids

6. MR BEG PARDON: just wants everyone to be having a good time, do you need a drink? do you want a blanket? will make you hot milk, morals in tact, 4 cats named after different philosophers

7. MR I'VE GOT A GAME TO CATCH: fuck this guy

8. MR DOESN'T PICK SIDES: never gets into arguments, says things like oh gee unironically, wears vertically striped shirts 4 days out of the week, has ugly wallpaper in his house, always invites you round but you never go

9. OLD MAN JENKINS: feels personally attacked by the movie Up, has an extremely big bookshelf filled to the brim but hasn't read anything in 3 years, kept toys in mint condition when he was younger, gives children mints on Halloween

10. MR I HAVE A COLD: always ill, can't hang out tonight sorry, did you know i have a cold in August, what a ride huh? has a cupboard in his kitchen dedicated to tissues and medicine, no one ever listens to a word he says and for good reason

11. YOUNG SHELDON: glasses marks on the sides of his nose, calls them eyeglasses, when you ask him what his favourite film is he thinks for 16 seconds then gives you the name of a cold war documentary

12. MR I KNOW WHERE THE FUCK I'VE BEEN: proud of his past, doesn't let anybody shame him, still has his prom photos in a scrapbook, only has 2 ties, brushes his teeth before eating breakfast then brushes them again after

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