A Serious Man

ok I know I do this too much but I didn’t watch this I just have something to say I have gone so long thinking this was a joaquin phoenix movie cause I never looked into it and I saw the poster and I was like yep that looks like him to me and IT DOES but that’s the Thing it’s not him it’s the man that I’ve been saying is his secret twin for so long michael stuhlbarg please say I spelled that right but ANYWAY I was on michael’s profile and I saw this and I was like wait both him and joaquin are in the same movie what they’ve interacted how does that work do they play twin brothers is it an identity theft movie what’s going on here in this new year but turns out I’ve been completely swindled for ages and it’s Michael and not Joaquin but that means (I think) that there’s still the wide open opportunity to get that casting of twins/idenity thief in there!!! Hollywood I don’t make this shit up!! hire me and pay me right or I lock my ideas away in a steel safe from your greedy fingers and take it with me to my fucking grave