Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Captain America: The Winter Soldier ★★★★½

me: h-

steve rogers: i don't know if this world has a place for me any more. when i came out of the ice all those years ago i came into a world that wanted me for who i never really was. they wanted the six foot national hero with the vibranium shield, not the skinny kid from brooklyn who wanted to join the army but got told to go home. but that's who i really am, the scientists could never really change who i am inside. i think i've grown these past years, just as the rest of the world did, but i'm just a 100 year old man wandering around fighting their battles for them with no endgame for myself. maybe its just that in this world.. we have to fight for others and care about ourselves later, you know.. for the greater good? i guess that's the only message we can all understand, and i was called on to answer it. i sure as hell hope that's what the man in the sky intended, cause it seems that's all i'll ever do.

me: h........ave u got a fiver i could borrow

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