Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★½

Uhhh it started off promising but I just felt kinda detached to it as a whole, I didn’t really feel hopeful or scared or passionate about the characters or the plot or anything but I can admit it was pretty cool. a very cool concept n cool references n there was a Rubik’s cube there n the shining blood filled hallway which is always nice to see spontaneously on a friday afternoon n olivia cooke was there whomst I cannot ignore and whomst once again served her raggedy mismatched outfit chic that I aspire to but also could never achieve on the same subtle and comfortable level. overall I wouldn’t say don’t watch it but of all the films I’ve seen in my life it wouldn’t be the first to come to mind if anyone was ever like issy give me a film to watch of all the people in the world I trust YOU and YOUR opinion cause I think if this was the film I gave them out of every film ever... I may lose their respect. none of that made sense but also didn’t it

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