Ready Player One ★★★½

I'm gonna have to watch this again in order to write a proper review. For a while it feels muddled, and the problems stick out, but the more it progresses the more cohesive it starts to feel, both in the moment and retroactively. By the time you get to the finale, you feel like you've experienced an epic journey akin to a Lord of the Rings film, and you're rooting for the characters to win even though you already know they undoubtedly will.

The Spielbergian charm takes a while to sink in, and it's quite jarring being in the Oasis with a director who has never done anything like this before, but the longer you spend in there with him, the more comfortable both of you get. Once the charm hits, it grows and grows and never leaves.

The MVP here is easily Mark Rylance. The whole cast is great but he's genuinely astonishing as James Halliday.

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