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  • Predator



    "Alien in the Jungle", is a near-masterpiece of post-Vietnam fear of the unknown, open-space claustrophoby, male camaraderie and the, alas, Schwarzeneggerian notion of cartoonish confrontation, with "the Arnold" arguably being suspiciously more frightening than the Creature.
    Of course he's never better, next to his Terminator entries.

  • Mysterious Island

    Mysterious Island


    What differentiates the outright ridiculous from the downright lovable is the innocence of the creator, the care it applies to an unsuppressible imagination.
    Mysterious Island is clumsily directed, cursorily edited and in general poorly acted, yet the naivete it indulges through its sincerity of artistic purpose (enter Dynamation of the great Harryhausen) is all a lover of films needs to run aboard.