Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War ★★★★★

10 years ago after I first saw Iron Man if you would of told me that THIS WAS GONNA COME 10 YEARS LATER, I would of said fuck off. 

I couldn’t believe how well everything was balanced. There was so many characters and all of them felt as important as the next. All of them had tough decisions to make and heartfelt moments. Without any one character stealing the spotlight it really felt like every single one of them was needed to beat Thanos. Not to mention all of them nearly fucking died and I loved it. 

Thanos surprised me the most, I was half expecting a one dimensional villain with no real motives or values but I was proven wrong. He is one of the strongest (not just in power) villains in the MCU. The level of threat and danger he brings on screen is incredible and undeniable.

Obviously the action sequences were insane but lastly I have to mention how much I love, how you can feel that Marvel is moving on after this movie/s. I can already sense the characters journeys ending after 10 years, and I can already sense that Marvel is preparing to kick off its next 10 years of foreplay before the next big villain. 

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