Little Women

Little Women ★★★★★

2019 Ranked - 2/79
100 Degrees Challenge - Film 32/100

Okay so as most of you know I’m probably the biggest Greta Gerwig fan on this website, and I’ve watched Lady Bird well over 20 times. I got to see Little Women at an advanced screening and my thoughts are too much right now so I’m just sticking to some dot points before I get to watch it many more times when it’s properly released.

- Lady Bird is very modest, bare-bones filmmaking whereas this is brave, complex and extravagant whilst staying easy to follow

- If Greta can jump from Lady Bird to this, it genuinely blows my mind to think of what’s next for her

- The score is beautiful and orchestral, my favourite kind of score. It’s very reminiscent of the If Beale Street Can Talk score

- I’ve always loved the way Greta uses dance to convey emotion or feeling and the dancing scenes in Little Women are some of the best

- This has one of the best casts of the year, each actor genuinely seems better than the last

- In addition to this, their chemistry is absolutely amazing. It made me want to be a part of their family

- Greta has created one of the best feminist stories maybe ever. It’s properly balanced, nuanced and layered. It’s a complete breath of fresh air to the Hollywood “feminist” stories that we’re used to

- I was definitely worried about how Greta would handle an adaptation but she excels at it, she creates a genuine reimagining whilst staying completely true to the original tale

- I know it’s going to stay with me for a while and the next few weeks before I can see it again are going to be torture

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