The Talk of the Town ★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

I just realized this is the first Ronald Colman film I have ever seen - humbled.
I had enjoyed him on radio broadcasts, but until now I haven't seen him work... I really liked him! - it doesn't hurt any that he wasn't bad looking...

I admirer Jean Arthur hugely, in my humble opinion, she can do no wrong. I have seen quite a lot of her films now, & only a few times has the films - never her - disappointed me.

First things first, this film is far too long!
It took me a day & a half to finish it {which have only happened to me maybe 3 times in my life!}

Whenever Jean is in the center of things it's delicious! Who gives a damn if she was 41 at the time?! All the talk {then & now} about the "unfortunate" close-ups is a whole lot of malarkey! More about her ability PLEASE

The plot gets ruined because of the sheer length of the film, the weak feel of genres & the flip-flopping of which man Jean is going to choose... I did love the "bromance" of Ronald & Cary Grant though! I think it would've been the obvious thing to have them get jealous of each other at some point, but luckily, that never becomes the case, which is a great plus - also the lovely performance by Rex Ingram!

I find it really fascinating that the preview audience picked which man she ended up with...I would pick Ronald myself though... - although I loved the scene! If only the whole film had the same smoothness as the final scene... Oh well...

In conclusion I liked it - maybe that's a stretch... I didn't mind finishing it.

It did do one thing; it made me decide to watch another Ronald Colman film next. Which one? that is the question...

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