• The Great Train Robbery

    The Great Train Robbery


    So when he fires his gun at the end, did everyone in theaters in 1903 think they’d been shot?

  • The Tragedy of Macbeth

    The Tragedy of Macbeth


    As good as I expected it to be, which is to say it's incredibly good.

  • Hotel Transylvania: Transformania

    Hotel Transylvania: Transformania


    The lack of Sandler hurts it a lot (though Hull is trying his best) and there's too much plot and not enough gags, but it's watchable enough and there's the occasional inspired bit to make the whole thing almost worth it. Almost.

  • Scream



    Like all Scream sequels since the original, this one seems like a terrible idea that should go wrong in a hundred different ways. Even moreso than the others, this one should absolutely be bad since this one has neither Craven (who the film is dedicated to) or Williamson involved. But, like all Scream sequels since the original, it somehow pulls it all off anyways to make an incredibly entertaining horror flick.

     It helps that “legacy sequels” is the richest vein…

  • Guilty as Sin

    Guilty as Sin


    Rebecca de Mornay and Don Johnson both throwing mad heat here.

  • The Hangover Part III

    The Hangover Part III


    I haven't seen either of the other Hangovers and probably missed some of the emotional resonance but this was undoubtably a triumph of cinema.

  • Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

    Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves


    "Is she worth it?" "I would die for her."

    The middle could maybe be a bit shorter but this movie seriously rules. It has all the edge of a gritty "realistic" adaption while still doing goofy adventure movie Robin Hood stuff like arrow tricks and catapulting over walls and it should be a clash of tones but it all works beautifully.

  • Terminator 2: Judgment Day

    Terminator 2: Judgment Day


    "I know now why you cry. But it's something I could never do."

  • The 355

    The 355


    This is possibly Chastain’s worst performance, which is a shame considering she is the most prominent character in the movie and her performance really brings attention to how bad the screenplay is. And while I could forgive a bad screenplay and lead performance if there was interesting action or cool setpieces or anything, none of the action in this rises beyond “serviceable.”

    I wanted to like this one. I really did. I was excited to see what Kinberg could do as a director away from the X-Men movies but there’s nothing particularly interesting going on here at all. Maybe next time.

  • New Jack City

    New Jack City


    The war on drugs has rarely been this entertaining.

  • Encanto



    Liked this even more on rewatch I think. Wild how many reviews were like "the songs are pretty standard/forgettable" when nearly all of them rule. Surface Pressure continues to cut deep at my "puts way too much pressure on himself to be useful" soul.

  • Scream 3

    Scream 3


    The weakest of the original trilogy but still quite enjoyable. It is objectively funny that the big Ghostface idea in this one is they use a voice changer.