The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★★★

not since thoroughbreds have i been so excited and waited with such anticipation for a movie. it wasn't coming to my town until december 14th, but when one is in new york for a go to the last showing of this of the day. and it was fucking worth it.

my expectations for this were so high that's its been sitting in my favorites, even though i hadn't even seen it. i was so confident it belonged there, and i was right.

unfortunately i missed i think around five minutes at the beginning, but ill definitely be watching it again (and a few hundred more times after that.)

other than that, what i saw was a perfect movie. its not only smartly quickwitted but just flat out fucking hilarious. its actually quite palatable humor, not near as niche as i thought it was going to be. the language used in it also wasn't hard to understand for a period piece (consider this, I'm stupid.)

rachel weisz is my favorite by far. but that was expected. emma did a good job because i didn't like her. olivia colman knocked it out of the park as well. but none of that is surprising. i like how you can laugh all the way through this movie, so much so that you don't even consider it ending on such an intriguing, gut-kicking, ponderous note.

the wide shots are hot...thanks yorgos!

and that ending...rachel was right, she really did win. and also, she (and this) are my Favourite.

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