Constantine ★★★


I had really high hopes for this film. As in, this story sounded perfect for me. I enjoy the blend of religious philosophy in films because it allows a characteristic, supernatural storyline. Constantine has this; but what it doesn't have is execution.

There is lost potential in this film. The dialogue to begin with, is rough and terrible. It is stuck between a limbo of an action film and a philosophical film...sort of like Constantine stuck between heaven and hell. When you make a film like this, I think you have to try every effort to not make it pretentious, but unfortunately, Constantine does fall into that category.

I will praise it for a seemingly surprising aspect; that is the performance of one Keanu Reeves. In the Matrix, one of my favourite films, I can criticise his performance. But in Constantine, it's a whole different story. I felt his performance was commendable, and his acting was at a pretty high standard here. The story is also very good and original, but as I said before - the execution is pretty poor.

I think there's a lot to improve in Constantine, but unfortunately it fails to meet my expectations. They might be too high, but I found myself bored in the second hour and that says a lot about a film.