Family Viewing ★★★★

it's been over a month since i've watched porn, given a descent into the unsavory underworld of masochistic kink due to self-hate. a conscious decision. i think this film has a lot to say about evolved kink and how it develops over time with different exposures and different avenues, ultimately all harmful. maybe in more significant ways than we imagine. and fixation's (whether sexual or nonsexual) effects on how we view our relationships or interact within them. and ultimately how we view others and the risks we take surrounding each individual situation. it is also about familial love but distanced and not communicated, even somewhat excommunicated. or just tangled up people in tangled up times. times forever viewed through a screen. technology never rewinds, you can never go back to quaintness (synonymous with innocence), especially once captured. or maybe it is about none of these things. and that's reason enough to love and respect Family Viewing.

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