The Dark Room ★★★★½

in the prime of my childhood, i grew up on an island. a small, little Texas coast island where the water was murky and brown and the waves weren't significant. i remember my dad loved to walk on the beach at night, he would take me often. i would run, maybe, gallop or skip. sometimes we would have long conversations, our lifetimes-apart neuroses mingling, taking joy in understanding each others company. and hope, lots of hope. more often than not we would just look out at the inky water, distance then approach. perhaps venturing out on a jetty to be surrounded by it, centered in it. this film made me remember that feeling. a mildly calm sea, dark. just small waves crawling up to shore, but manipulated in a way to seem so expansive and overpowering. stretching out and twisting and changing perspective. childlike view. swallowed up by expanse, so small on an earth that is bigger than you can possibly even conceptualize.