• Seven Psychopaths

    Seven Psychopaths


    i used to like this movie?!

    oh, i was 17?... okay

    rediscovering art on my own is hard!

  • Freaky



    i've paid $60 to watch this movie. $40 to watch it twice when it first came it out. another $20 to rent on the lowest quality motel TV i have ever seen. no regrets.

    some of the best kills in a horror movie in the last 10 years.

    better and better each time.

  • Magnolia


    I needed to write this and express these thoughts and events from the past few days. It's a mess and not worth the read, but I just had to.

    • • •

    He gave her the same roses he first gave me. A bouquet filled with baby's breath and soft deep red petals that laid in perfect pattern against each other. Except this time he was giving them to a tattooed writer in Brooklyn instead of a girl with scars…

  • Project X

    Project X


    a darkly humorous apocalypse. only overtly disturbing and caustic to those that haven't lived with these images and values saturated and burned into their heads by their peers and the culture that facilitated these idols.

    (advisory: only to be consumed along with drugs and alcohol)

  • Vox Lux

    Vox Lux


    On Brady Corbet's viciously divisive Vox Lux, trauma that shapes our very being, and the roads of eternal suffering it leads us down.


    "When Celeste Montgomery offers to pray with her school shooter she gets shot in the neck instead. A very physical manifestation of an eager innocence leaving her body. At 14 years old in the year 1999, it’s the beginning of a new life of beliefs and actions that will forever be based on that event. Celeste’s…

  • Waiting




    the definition of lacking vision and meaning. tumblr aesthetics run through twitter material and vomited through vsco. if this is the future of film, no thanks!
    p.s. pls take "experimental" out of the description! i have to laugh!

    (the only reason this is logged is to balance out everyone on stan twitter sucking this director's dick with no thought logging this as well)

  • The Dark Room

    The Dark Room


    in the prime of my childhood, i grew up on an island. a small, little Texas coast island where the water was murky and brown and the waves weren't significant. i remember my dad loved to walk on the beach at night, he would take me often. i would run, maybe, gallop or skip. sometimes we would have long conversations, our lifetimes-apart neuroses mingling, taking joy in understanding each others company. and hope, lots of hope. more often than not…

  • Eega


    i just want a man who screams in his head whenever he feels he can't have me

  • Guest of Honour

    Guest of Honour


    David Thewlis is so good in this, so unique, his performance is almost revelatory. The problem is with every single actor surrounding him. A very serious problem given that half of the story revolves around his daughter, played by Laysla De Oliveira, who seems to have one expression, one portrayed emotion: stern anger. Not the nuanced mix of grief, regret, and self-hatred that the character requires with a screenplay this dense and filled with surfaced tragedy and strange dynamics. Some…

  • Kangaroo Jack

    Kangaroo Jack


    What makes this SO invalid? Why do people disregard this movie, hate this movie, so much?

    Apparently this wasn't even supposed to be a family movie, it was supposed to be a mobster flick. Until Bruckheimer realized that it sucked and inserted our beloved Kangaroo Jack in a scene where he talks/raps (through hallucination, of course). And you know what? It makes it better, it's funny. Anthony Anderson and Jerry O'Connell are a delight. The plot is nothing, it's nonsense.…

  • Family Viewing

    Family Viewing


    it's been over a month since i've watched porn, given a descent into the unsavory underworld of masochistic kink due to self-hate. a conscious decision. i think this film has a lot to say about evolved kink and how it develops over time with different exposures and different avenues, ultimately all harmful. maybe in more significant ways than we imagine. and fixation's (whether sexual or nonsexual) effects on how we view our relationships or interact within them. and ultimately how…

  • See Spot Run

    See Spot Run


    this was one of my favorite movies as a kid. struck by how rich it looks, back when even the silliest comedies and kids movies were filmed on actual film. i really love the use of space within the frame during the action comedy sequences. the camera almost actively participating in what it's observing, not something you see often in movies of this stature. David Arquette's physical comedic performance is unmatched, still makes me laugh so hard. the chemistry between…