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This review may contain spoilers.

a lot of thoughts on this one.

here is what pieces of a woman didn't have: substance. we only know these people in relation to this tragedy. a lot of characters just truly seem superfluous to the narrative, even sean (shia labeouf) who is supposed to be a central character. what was his relevance to the story? what substance was there to his character arc? he left and did anyone even notice? we meet martha and sean on the day of their child's birth and the only thing we know about them is sean is building a bridge. quite honestly, we know little more than that by the end.

saying this, i do think this film had strengths. the first act was very strong and i did forget i was watching a film until the title screen came up. this was an incredibly strong performance from vanessa kirby. and although lacking for a lot of the run time, i do think the final act gives it a little redemption.

martha had distanced herself from the tragedy and it wasn't until she saw the photo of her daughter that i realised i had too. the ignition of emotion on screen was mirrored as i sat there in my bedroom, i'll tell you that for free. i really loved the ending and the conclusion martha came to as it felt honest.

this film is far from perfect but with two films being released in quick succession that centre around the female condition (promising young woman and pieces of a woman) i'd pick this one any day.

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