Colmillos, el hombre lobo

Colmillos, el hombre lobo ★★½

I was so excited to watch 'Colmillos el hombre lobo' - a low budget Mexican werewolf movie.
There story is about Cristóbal, wanting to be rich and powerfull. After wishing for it a some kind of ghost appreas with the 7 gems to make him rich but he should not do anything wrong with them or he is gonna punished... Okay!? But after that, Cristóbal starts selling the gems to become rich and of course the curse will be, being a werewolf. Wtf.

The story sounds more complicated than it is. And it doesn't make sense at all, there is even some slime every time around the floor when he becomes a werewolf even in mid day. 🤣

Yeah, it sounded great and I love trashy movies but sadly this is one of the weirdest Mexican films that I have seen.

There are many issues with the script and the atmosphere all the time that makes me think it's completely useless.
But I admire the werewolf transformation that was a completely decent copy of An American Werewolf in London.

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