Y Tu Mamá También

Y Tu Mamá También ★★★★★

I always find it hard to review my favorite films, but sometimes I’m touched so deeply by them that I just have to express my love for them.

Alfonso Cuarón is a genius. It’s rare that such an organic expression of youth and identity is put to screen. I think the reason that this film works so well is because of its projections of the unknown. The sting of an uncertain future and an even more uncertain present shown through bright pastel colors, natural imagery, and the arcs of each character’s deep seeded fears and desires.

There’s something incredibly jarring about Cuarón’s evocation of human relationships, especially those who have experienced a great loss. Whether it be from death or love, it is only the course of time that tears two people apart against their conscious wills.

I’ve also never heard a Frank Zappa song used so effectively in a movie before tbh I think that’s pretty wicked

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