In the Basement ★½

I didn't like this film but here is my ranking of the people and their basements:

1. Mini bar couple: No thoughts, head empty. Just sitting there in their private bar and wearing matching outfits.
2. Model train guy: I very much like his train, and that incredible mural.
3. Catholic needle lady: She seems chill idk.
4. Laundromat women: Just standing there… menacingly.
5. Emo teens: I feel threatened yet at ease.
6. Fake baby lady: She just likes holding fake babies, and that’s okay.
7. Semen guy: “I can shoot off a very powerful load of semen.” One of the better looking basements.
8. Shooting range guy: He needs to hang out with people that aren’t islamophobic. I hope his singing career takes off.
9. Locker room guys: They sleeb. Do not disturb.
10. Expensive furniture couple: Their basement is pretty ugly, but they only use it for birthdays so it's okay.
11. Snake guy: That snake is beautiful, but I felt sorry for the guinea pig.
12. Sound equipment guy: I can't tell if this is a new guy or not. But he looks like he’s on a space ship.
13. Treadmill guy: Yeah idk he just runs. Is this the same basement as swimming pool guy and rower guy? I can’t tell.
14. Ball torture couple: Not to kink shame or anything, but I did not enjoy that.
15. Ammo guy: I just don’t like his vibe.
16. Trophy hunter guy: Not my favourite type of guy. I appreciate him not having eaten a baboon though.
17. Nazi guy: Well, he’s a fucking nazi. And his music is shit.