LIZE01 has written 67 reviews for films during 2020.

  • Alice in Wonderland

    Alice in Wonderland


    I actually love this film it’s such a good watch so much fun and imagination involved Johnny depp obviously the best character as always

  • The Nightmare Before Christmas

    The Nightmare Before Christmas


    Just the idea alone that Halloween takes over Christmas is geniius. The cartoon is immense and just makes the film

  • Big Fish

    Big Fish


    My number one film of all time 
    Nothing about this film is bad 
    Everything about this film is perfect 
    The story the imagination the colour the characters the love. Just such good story telling eith the best ending ever !!!!!!

  • The Notebook

    The Notebook


    One of my favourite films everything about it is perfect down to the costumes the time period the emotion and the flicking back and forth from past to present two of my favourite actors in the same film and two of the fittest people as well

  • Blow



    Absolutely insane film one of the best story lines and so much emotion always cry at the end so so good

  • Possum


    The ending was so ducked up when you realise he was being sexually abused and when he smashes his head was insane. The rest of the film was just a bit off

  • The Haunting of Hill House

    The Haunting of Hill House


    I loved this shit so much honestly just such a good watch with so much suspense love watchinf series with connor especially when we both haven’t watched them 
    Ending was insane so much better than I thought

  • Swallow


    Can’t really remember what happened just that she was preggo and swallowed a bunch of shit. Was so average

  • Vivarium


    That fucking kid was wayyyy too annoying to give it anymore stars just a bit boring and gave me a headache. Really cool concept tho they just could have done so much more with it tbh

  • Host



    I actually didn’t really want to watch this but I ended up really enjoying it, the fact that it was filmed during a lockdown was so impressive in itself really true to the times and relatable with zoom which was fun 
    Could have been more jump scares

  • Hamilton



    Lyn Manuel is a fucking genius with his lyrics so so so well written

  • #Alive



    Loved watching this film I actually wish it was longer for once. So much action and love the twist of the man that saves them also ending was pretty good constantly on the edge of my seat