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  • Jason Bourne

    Jason Bourne


    Bourne Ultimatum retreads plot beats of Bourne Identity and makes it feel meaningful. This movie retreads the beats of Bourne Supremacy, which is interesting but this time around it feels meaningless, because there's nothing left to mine from the title character; his arc was already finished by the end of the trilogy.

    And with all the unnecessary backstory revisions, man vs. government bullshit, and reduced personality in the characters spinning their wheels... it's just another dad thriller now.

    Nice job smacking that guy with the baton though, that was cool.

  • Tenet



    All the dialogue is exposition and half the dialogue is delivered underneath masks, intercoms, and techno soundtracks, so there goes your comprehension the first viewing. The protagonist emotes like a video game character which adds to the sense the conversations are unnatural, awkward, and rushed like they're cutting every shot off by a few seconds to slim down the runtime.

    Maybe if cutout Russian villain slaps woman around enough we will care about the characters. For how lauded Nolan is…

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