12 Angry Men

12 Angry Men ★★★★★

I'm bored and hate actual film criticism so here's my definitive ranking of the 12 jurors ranked worst to best.

Juror #10- RACIST PIECE OF CRAP who was publicly shamed into changing his vote.

Juror #12- Man had no backbone whatsoever and just followed the lead of whoever screamed at him the loudest.

Juror #7- Obviously did not care about trial and by extension the life of the kid, reason for voting not guilty is superficial and annoying, I hope his baseball game got rained out.

Juror #3- Just because you have a reason for being a jerk doesn't mean its a valid excuse! Lee J Cobb also gives the best performance here.

Juror #1- Gets WAY too much crap in act one for trying to do his job but contributes like 4 points at maximum and doesn't give off the vibe he cares either.

Juror #6- Honestly couldn't tell you a thing about this man, no real character arc but his switch comes at a crucial time so points for that.

Juror #5- Serves mainly as a way to call out the bigots on their B.S. but he made a few good points.

Juror #2- I'd share a cough drop with this man he seems like he makes sure his kids get to school on time and his wife is doing ok.

Juror #8- I die a little bit each time I hear Henry Fonda cry out "It's possible!"

Juror #9- Man's is principled! Keeps the discussion going and delivers the fatal blow to the guilty camp.

Juror #4- He actually cared about the case and went over stuff! He's the only one of the guilty hold outs that doesn't come off as sus, man's is just thorough.

Juror #11- I love this man so much! Actively contributes to the conversation, calls out 10 MULTIPLE times, and gives the best speech of the film.

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