It Chapter Two

It Chapter Two ★★½

Man this was kind of a let down. I really liked the first movie and this felt like a step down in almost every catagory. It still looks great and some of the comedy works still and most of the acting is still good but what the fuck was that scene where Eddie chokes the leper? This movie suffers from weird disjointed tonal shifts every 2 minutes, it rarely offers any scares beyond cheap and often unearned jump scares, and has an abundance of camp. This had more in common with Beetlejuice than the first film at times. There’s an endless barrage of flashbacks that go on for what feels like forever and really makes you feel that 3 hour run time. I know I said the film looks great but I can definitely say the CGI was the worst and cheapest looking part of the film. But I did end up liking the ending quite a bit and it was a sweet send off for the Losers club I just walked away from this really disappointed.


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