Ema ★★★½

Very cool of MUBI to do a free for all streaming premiere of this movie, that's very neat.

And I'm glad they did because I liked this one and it may have flown under the radar without this spotlight. Ema is a movie about freedom and youth, it's about a dancer named Ema, who after giving back her adopted son, goes into a sensual descent into reclaiming her voice and her freedom. It's about the new generation and this idea of freedom that's found in that. She's at times very disagreeable and sometimes you're left going "what the hell are you doing", but it is driven by motivation and a place of expression and freedom.

Mariana Di Girolamo gives a fantastic lead performance, she plays it with so much confidence and energy and she pulls off all this movies great dance scenes very well.
Gael García Bernal is also very good, as always, man is mad underrated.

I loved the look of it, the frames always feel very wide, further hammering in this idea of freedom, but it also can get very intimate and personal with the more explicit scenes. And you cannot go wrong with some neon lighting here and there.

It's pretty good, I had a couple issues with the script and the ending felt very odd, not in a good way. But I liked this one quite a bit.

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