Possessor ★★★★

Possessor is crazy and horrific, which was expected given it's the brainchild of Brandon Cronenberg, son of David Cronenberg. There's a lot of just absolutely brutal violence and body horror elements that make you squirm, but this isn't simply an attempt to shock with no depth. Possessor is a really challenging, abstract horror examining identity. It's about the struggle of identity in the modern world, where you constantly have to put on masks and performances at work, at home, with friends, creating different versions of yourself for different situations, and this movie is looking at what defines your identity and who you are, and how in a world where the things that can give us our unique identity; memories, possessions, thoughts and feelings, are becoming increasingly less private, at what point do you start to lose yourself.

This possession idea leads to so much interesting thought and dilemmas. Who's in control at any given time? How can we hold onto any control and individuality in life when somebody can literally get inside your head and become you? It's all these interesting conceptual sci-fi elements and the extremely surreal abstract ways they're presented that make this film equally interesting and horrifying to experience.

It's incredibly unnerving and a really interesting film that I think people will be able to interpret a lot of different ideas and concepts out of its dystopian sci-fi-isms and insane visual filmmaking.

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