The Half of It ★★★★

Well shit, after making Sierra Burges is a Loser, the worst god damn shit I've ever seen (I have soured on it way more since I intially saw it) Netflix then responded by releasing a movie that is basically the same premise, but a million times better in every conceivable way.

It takes the premise of one person trying to date a person they like and getting somebody else to help them and gives it a new spin on that by making it a) gayer and also b) a story about friendship. Yes it's about a girl who's secretly gay, but also they don't really directly say that. It's about love in all forms, whether that be romantic or platonic, it's about loving people for who they are and not the veil they hide themselves under.

And it's really sweet, I liked it a lot! Sometimes it feels a bit too unreal, like everyone else at the school are just non-characters and exist to be silly punchline, but the core characters are so well written and have a lot of depth to their dynamics and personalities and emotions. Ellie, Paul and Aster are really likeable but also all flawed to some extent. The script is very funny, very sweet and it lets it's characters discuss the themes and ideas in fair detail, in a way that's fun.

It's really well shot, like the pool scene looks amazing. There's creative presentations too, like with the wall art scene which was a really fun, cute way to create a back and forth. 

I just think Alice Wu gives such a fresh perspective and creative voice to an otherwise barren landscape of bad Netflix Original teen movies by making something with genuine heart and care put into it. I really gotta go back and watch her 2004 debut film Saving Face because if it's anything like this, I'd love it.

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