Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

I don't even know where to start. I have so many feelings.
Suicide Squad is a complete mess, it's, apparently, edited by someone who hadn't been told the story, probably because there wasn't one; it was a bit like when a 7 year old tells you the plot of a film and they miss loads out and then go back to tell you stuff but it's still wrong and they aren't sure why anyone did anything and they do gun noises. Inconsistent characterisation, terrible dialogue and lack-lustre performances also wash around in there. The film has obviously had the guts ripped out of it and had them rejigged and reshot and a really funny, clever soundtrack added (except it is neither funny or clever) because of Deadpool and GOTG, and it really didn't have to do that.
OH BY THE WAY: I am SICK TO DEATH of the 'we truly are the monsters, with great power comes great responsibilty, we could but we didn't stop to think we should' narrative that Marvel are doing to fucking death everywhere. THE AVENGERS ARE DOING IT BATMAN VS SUPERMAN JUST DID IT DO SOMETHING ELSE. I AM PAST CARING. Anyway.
This has kind of been sold as Margo Robbie's film but it is really quite firmly Will Smith holding it together, I think there was a change in marketing strategy, rewriting and stuff just to cash in on the current attitudes towards women in film and diversity in other areas (well done on the diversity btw, well done on killing off the only Native American main character I can remember in years so fast, really great), which meant he was dropped a little from the publicity, IDK maybe I just didn't see it maybe he didn't want to because he is not an idiot. I love Will Smith, I am not a hater at all but he seems to be struggling with the HUGE contradictions and flips of logic and character he has to deal with.
Cara Delvinge's Enchantress is the least scary evil-witch-villan I have ever seen and it looked a lot like she was failing at ripping off Aaliyah in Queen of the Damned, which please just don't. She was not the right person for that part and the character just wasn't menacing enough.
Viola Davis, I think she knows. She is great and can pull off the unhinged establishment figure but this wasn't the movie.
Now Harley, omg what happened? Who wrote this? Why would you do this to one of the best characters in any comic ever and that is not just me loving her, it's an actual thing, she's fab. It is actually vile. Edited to add: I actually really like Margot Robbie and she made a good fist of it but the filmmakers let her down badly.
I can't even be bothered to talk about the rest of the cast, they tried, sort of, it isn't their fault they were wasted.
I like films where a bunch of Misfits get together and save something, the world, a village whatever (The Dirty Dozen, Inglorious Basterds, Magnificent Seven) this makes the idea sound really fucking stupid, because this time it really is, they are all like best mates die for each other in 2 days and, forgive me for lolling, but if these are the worst of the worst criminals ever like ever then I am a fucking psychopath; they wouldn't give a fuck. Has anyone involved in this ever read one of the comics? Or any comic or anything, ever? Was writing this actually just a process of throwing darts at some post it notes a week before the cast turn up? I AM SO DISAPPOINTED STOP THIS PLEASE PLEASE MAKE SOME FILMS THAT AREN'T DISAPPOINTING WASTES OF GOOD CHARACTERS AND MONEY.
Ooooooh I forgot Leto. Because I have been trying to forget. Fuck that guy, I'm not even talking about it. I am NEVER watching My So Called Life again.
I am giving it one and half stars because it does look quite good at times, but then it's always fucking rain and it's really annoying.

Lol this got long, I literally just saw it and all the things are still coming out of me about it.

BTW don't comment, don't @ me, I don't care, I'm not talking about this or arguing or anything.

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