Black Christmas

Black Christmas ½

Year: 2019 Ranked

Well I haven't seen a film this bad in theaters in a few months. And I was hoping this would be good. It didn't look good, but I was holding out hope. There aren't nearly enough films centered around women, and horror films can be great. But this is one of the slowest, most dreadful, and boring films I have seen for a while.

A big thing is, this film that is somewhat supposed to be empowering towards women, especially towards frightened teens and young adult women, is also horribly oppressive of their own abilities. Every woman has the same body type, the same tactics, the same strength. For more than half of the film we just see women failing miserably to do absolutely anything against their assailants. But then to flip that on its head and suddenly make them all much more competent than the assailants, with nothing changing is ridiculous.

There isn't really much else to say. The lighting was awful, the camerawork too. The acting was so terrible that I physically cringed at quite a few of the line deliveries. It wasn't quite as bad as the writing for the film however, which was just beyond atrocious. No character had any personality, other than feminist or SJW or victim. I'm sorry but have these characters be so one dimensional is just the complete opposite of what needs to be seen in films. If you are going to have a victim, maybe make her more than just that. Because victims are just as much of people as you or me, and pitting the entire film about her recovery and absolutely nothing else about her is disingenuous to the idea that recovery is a long extremely complicated process with many other elements involved.

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