Support the Girls ★★★★

I worked a dozen shit retail jobs in my teens and 20s, and more than two decades later I still notice every "How Hiring" sign in every store and restaurant I enter. It's impossible to shake off that training -- of looking for the next, slightly better opportunity. I'm glad to have that in me, and I'm also glad I was eventually able to leave behind that hustle, because managers like Lisa are the hardest working people I've ever known.

I remember walking into the store room at KB Toys and finding my manager sound asleep in a pile of boxes he'd just unloaded. It was the holiday season and he was putting in 70-hour weeks. I remember Dave Capps, my manager at Taco Bell, leaning head-first into a wall and pounding his fist against it after the health inspectors left. He'd been inventorying the walk-in with the door open right before they arrived, so the temperature was ten degrees too warm.

The rooftop scene at the end added at least a half-star to my rating.