Moonlight ★★★★★

I consider this one of the best movies in this century so far and an A24 masterpiece.

All three chapters, which are Little, Chiron, Black, fulfil each other perfectly.
-Little, represents the innocence of little man but learned that nobody is perfect at all and learned to decide what he'll be.
-Chiron represents adolescence, lust and anger. And a time to choose whether he'll stay where he was or move on to be the next person.
-Black, is a result of all he has faced and done. And to accept the decision he committed in the previous chapter, which is to separate from Kevin his one and only friend. In this chapter he has to face the past and proof that he was wrong and finally accept who he is and be in the right place.

I personally love this movie so much. It's so touching and present in such a beautiful way by including hidden meaning in each chapter and each scene and available for us to find and admire.

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