Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War ★★★★

I love Marvel. I've grown up with Superheroes. They're inspiring and entertaining figures for me. These aren't the greatest movies ever. They don't try to be. But they're incredibly fun. This was years in the making - and it was all worth it. Mostly.

Six years ago today. I saw the first Avengers film for the first time. That was the day that this entire genre shifted into a new era. But today. I think that has happened again with a bold, brutal and brilliant new entry in this mega franchise.

My first thought as the credits started to roll. This is The Empire Strikes Back of the MCU. It doesn't pull any punches - especially compared to previous standards set by these movies. It is able to emotionally push both the characters and the fans to their limit.

There was a smile on my face - probably from start to finish. This was all completely unreal. It's something that the fans like myself could only ever dream of happening. But it actually did. It was far from perfect. But it did enough to satisfy me.

I did share the concerns about the incredibly huge ensemble cast. That's where my issue came from too. I could feel the weight of the cast. Not in a good way. It felt like it didn't help the pacing too much. But it wasn't much at all.

Despite this crowded cast though - They still delivered on Thanos. He is a force of nature in this film. I adored every single scene with the villain. This was definitely his film too. He is the main character. That makes the stakes all the more scary.

Call me Marvel biased. I probably am. But I loved this film. It's not Oscar worthy. But it's one hell of a time. It has pacing issues and a few of the jokes are overused and fall flat. But it promised a powerfully scary Thanos and it didn't disappoint. This was what we've been waiting for.

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