We Need to Talk About Kevin ★★★½

I've heard much about this film for a few years now. So I'm pleased that I finally got around to checking it out. And it wasn't an easy watch - in one of the most impressive yet scariest ways possible.

They don't hold back on much in this. I loved how it followed two coinciding timelines in the story - seeing as to how they eventually connect.

I wasn't even too fond with this two timeline approach at first. But I came to change my mind about it. Because this film isn't about shocking you - when you find out what actually happens.

That would only take away from it. As we should be focused on the characters - and what happened to them. Not about following them until something happens. That would be boring.

This is a very well directed film. It features some great performances. Especially from our two leads in Tilda Swinton & Ezra Miller. I can't say the same about John C. Reilly. He was fine in this. But he didn't fit.

It's not necessarily his fault either. He wasn't bad in the film. I just found it that each time he would show up. His presence would take away from the realism of the scene. His style & tone doesn't fit this.

Despite him though. Swinton & Miller are superb. The directing is stunning. The writing is brilliant. The music is fantastic. The social commentary on issues in real life is deadly accurate - that's what made it so effective and terrifying.

I would highly recommend this. It's like the fascinating origin story of a psychopath. Exploring the mind of the insane. How they become what they are. I won't forget about this. It'll stay with me. It'll stay with you.

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