Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★½

I can say this about the Suicide Squad extended edition: Much like everything else that's far too big in length to handle, this was not an easy ride. 💔

It's a tragedy, but Ayer truly drops the ball. Too manic and overconfident to pick it back up with his jumpy as fingers. Giving his audience the occasional earned laugh, seeing characters we love be brought to life in the likes of Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn or Karen Fukuhara's Katana (or death if we're talking Jared used-condom-in-the-mail Leto's Joker), but as a movie overall it's certainly hacked to shit lower tier fun. The editing sophomoric and its escort mission story boiling down to nothing. Nada. Seinfeld.

🎶 *twang* 🎶

Less Guardians of the Galaxy meets a Zack Snyder vision, more like if Arrested Development parodied a DC movie with a Sabotage grey filter. Tobias Fünke as El Diablo could truly get the audience there.

I guarantee. 🔥

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