Interstellar ★★½

Some striking imagery and fleeting moments of beauty can’t stop the film feeling every second of its 169-minute run time, and then some. It’s a film that will undoubtedly enthral many and its ambition and lack of blockbuster action is admirable but I felt rather numb and disinterested by the whole journey. Suffering from an abundance of expository dialogue (and not just for the science bits) and lethargic pacing its opening two hours were partially saved by its fine cast and occasional abstract beauty (Hoyte Van Hoytema effortlessly filling Pfister’s shoes).

For a film that is so rooted to the relationships forged by parents and their children it was hard to feel any real connection to the characters whilst Nolan seems ill-suited to delivering the overwhelming sentimentality that all but destroys the final act. It is this closing and seemingly interminable act that will prove the most divisive and sadly its attempts at profundity came crashing back to earth.

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